Solo Discussion Forums?

I feel like the Phish Side/Solo Projects forum is a bit small to cover all that could be said about the solo career of the band members, especially considering how comprehensive the Phish section is (and how active Mike has gotten). I was wondering; would it be worth adding another series of sections, one dedicated to a member of the band, which includes its own “General” and “Album Discussion” section (with subforums for each album)? I would offer to help get the topics together if that were to happen.

I could see maybe doing subforums for each member, but sub-sub forums is a little much IMO.

Of course, we have a forum for chess with Mike, so obviously weirder things have happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chess? shhhhhh.

You have to help me to know about the information on the website, I suspect.

maybe doing subforums for each member

Great idea for a suggestion @tenniru! We’ve now got tags which allow us to focus discussion in certain areas, and I think this would be a really good opportunity for us to use them.

Hierarchically, it’d go something like:

Phish/Side Solo Projects (not sure I like that name any more)
Trey tags
Trey-related topics
Mike tags
Mike-related topics
Page tags
Page-related topics
Fishman tags
Fishman-related topics

I’ll start adding some tags in this week as part of my tagging spree that I’m going on!

Aaaaand I’m done! The new Phish Band Members category now has tags attributed to all topics that concern specific band members. Use the tags dropdown at the top of the page to browse.