So to make a long story short, I’m trying to introduce one of my friends to the wonderful group known as the Phish. Thing is, she only has a tape deck in her car, and doesn’t even have an mp3 player! So I came up with the novel idea of requesting tapes from someone on this loverly OKP board. I know it’s likely asking for a bit more than I’m giving in return (i.e. nothing except knowing that another soul falls in love with the boys) but I’d greatly appreciate some help. Tanx!!

Got a boombox?

Just record some tapes off CDs.

Hmmm I do not have a boombox, could find someone who does though. Great idea!

Does anybody even sell blank tapes anymore?

what’s a tape?

It’s possible I may have at least one show on tape around somewhere. It will take a bit of searching though. I will report back.

You mean you don’t have 10,000 XL-II’s that you bought in bulk back in the day? Yeah, me either…

I’ll look for you. Ollie gave me a bunch of tapes. So did another friend. I’ll check’ms outs.

I do.

I know PHG has some too.


amazon.com/Monster-iCarPlay- … B002DW92IE

geeks.com/details.asp?invtid … BP&cat=MP3

She will be set up in her car (and on the go w/headphones) with 2 gigs for under 30 bucks :thumbup:

^How did that all work out? She hooked by now?

Hah, I don’t even remember what girl this was now.

I do know that my wife is totally in to Phish. I got her hooked when I made a fantasy show over two CDs when we were dating :slight_smile:

Hi phans.
I used to be on this forum years ago at Weekapat, I’m back looking for old Phish tapes!
Going thru cancer treatment and will be home for a while, Phish tapes make me happy!

Send me a PM if you have some you would like to part with.