The Baker's Dozen! NYC MSG

Who’s in! I might be a crazy person, but I was able to score a cheap 13 night pass from a friend’s friend who could no longer make it. I’m pretty pumped about it.


I’ll be in Thursday 7.27 doing the three that weekend. We’re raging my bday on the 28th, and I’d like all of you to be there for it.

hell yeah another Baker! we’re doing the whole thing and our Dount Box is arriving today :open_mouth:

The tickets look freaking amazing.

omfgggg they held the package yesterday and its coming today i’ve abstained from looking online i can’t wait to see these thingssss :wtf: :crazy: :clap: :smiley: :wtf: :wave: :ugeek:

wow they really are above and beyond :clap:

wasn’t sure if people still posted here on not. i’ll be at dayton, pittsburgh, and 7/22 and 23. skipping 7/21 for the iron maiden show in brooklyn. hitting holy ghost! in brooklyn at 7/22.

I’ll be in Dayton, too, old buddy!

865-257-7748 Holler!!!

oh shit we got an OKP Bday show :clap: :clap:

We are almost a week away! Who’s pumped?!


Wouldn’t you be more of a donut gorger?


omggggg we’re a buncha fckin’ Homers! :laughing:

anybody know anything about bushwick brooklyn? that’s where i’m staying for the first weekend of the doz’

Yes! I used to live there! Do you know which subway stop you are staying off of? That whole area is like hipster disneyland now, lots of fun bars/restaurants and such to check out.

J train on Halsey

Oh nice! I’m off the L train to Halsey! There are cool bars and things more by the L train stop, such as Nowadays, which is like an entire backyard bar. Houdini Pizza, good food neat spot but a bit overpriced. My favorite bar The Bonus Room, and this other spot The Deep End. Dont know much about the J spot.

Halsey J used to be a bit ghetto but im sure it got a bit nicer. Just keep your wits about you when its late and night just in case. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Tonights the night it all begins! Lets get ready to party!

Last night was supercool! Hope to see some of you OKPeeps tonight. Good chance of a pre-show Niles stop. If not, definitely a pre-show Pennsy’s stop.