The Divided Sky


As someone from OKP so eloquently put it: This song is just so epic!!!

Heard it once live on 3-1-03, and at that point I had listened to farmhouse and maybe a couple songs on my computer, but immediately dismissed anything over 10 minutes long, and therefore could not appreciate it nearly as much as I should have. Sure wish I could get a chance to hear it again live…

yea you’d never hear reba, yem, divided sky, most tweezers. good idea to start listening to 10+minute songs.

What makes the “through composed” songs so cool is that they are all very different. This is just a great song. The intro is so melodic, and then the funky palindrome(sp?) is so odd but so “right” musically that it does make this song “epic” but not as epic as yem. imho

Is there a consensus as the best “Divided Sky” ever?

I really can’t think of a particular version that stands out in my mind. They’re all fabulous, but none really better than the others.

I will answer with my default answer: 6/18/94 UIC Pavillion.

My favorite show, and the best divided sky!

My favorite Divided Sky by far is 10/31/95. To me there is just no other played quite like that. I must note this is my absolute FAVORITE song to play on the guitar, as I’ve learned the entire thing. Musically it’s a masterpiece… wait, in what other way can a song be a masterpiece? Oh well, this song is special. For some reason most of these huge epics all came out of Trey in the first few albums.

HARPUA’S #1 Favorite Phish Song = Divided Sky!

The first time I ever heard it was on live phish volume 7, and it blew my mind. It opened my eyes to the amazing instrumental. Before this song if someone told me to listen to a song that is 10+ and the only lyrics were “Divided Sky the wind blows high”. I would have told them where they could put that song.

Do you know why this song blew my mind- because the wind is high it blows my mind. :wink:

^ I know I’m Clever. :-* :wink:

8/13/1996 is probably my favorite version.sooooooooooooo good. live phish 12 is

best song ever imo

11/11/96 Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI
Set I: Chalkdust Torture, Guelah Papyrus, Cars Trucks Buses, AC/DC Bag, Sparkle, Brother, Theme from the Bottom, Axilla, Runaway Jim
Set II: Timber, The Divided Sky1, Gumbo, The Curtain, Sample in a Jar, Tweezer, Swept Away> Steep, Maze, Contact, Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore: Waste, Cavern

1 With All Fall Down language

The only problem i had with the first set of 11-9-96 was the lack of ooph in the Divided Sky. One show later it came in the second set. Yes a repeat of a standard one show later had me a lil baffled. But they must have noticed what i did and had to make up for it i guess. This version made
for and smoked the Palace version. I was absolutely blown away and have never felt another version has come close.
This is not your standard DS!

8/26/89 is pretty good, but yet again, that whole live phish 9 is quite arfuful.

I have mixed feelings about divided sky. I know it is an epic composition, and I definitely appreciate that. However, most versions are similar in direction. I have a tough time distinguishing very much betweeen different versions, which is why I don’t listen to ds very often. Its one of those songs that is great live, and every once in a while really hits the spot.
The ending is great.

^^ that’s how i feel about stash.

Versions of stash change more than version of divided sky! No?

^Honestly no. Maybe one or two versions out of 25 per year were extroardinary, which is the same with DS.

Agreed. Early versions of stash (pre96), do usually explore the same regions. After that, though, quite a few stash jams segued into other songs or at least created some non-typical stash jams, which usually make for some cool sections.
Divided Sky is always just Divided Sky–not to knock it though, its a great song

“this next song is dedicated to the memory of the pig… its called… pig… head.”

anyone know the show?

edit: ian mclain’s farm '89

Personal favorite: 11/19/92.


“Those Were the Days” tease.

One of the most absurdly beautiful musical moments EVER. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

10/31/94. They played it during this show, right??