The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

why is there no thread for the best Phish album (well, it’s sorta trey’s album) THE MAN WHO STEPPED INTO YESTERDAY! i love it and there should definately be a section for it here.

I love TMWSIY. Wonderfully original story. Wonderful music.

I think TMWSIY is just another example of how deep, and excellent this band we call Phish is.

It adds to the legend… And anyone not in the Phish scene, or even if your new, will probably feel cold, confused, alone, and scared… Which is how it should be.

I love TMWSIY, and wish they would have release a studio version of it at some point. I also wish I had it in full!

not to brag or anything but i have it … in full.
oh wait yes i am bragging

I, too, have it. ALSO in live form several times.
Here’s a version to stream to hear (lo-fi):

We all know 3-22-93 is a totally brilliant version of the sage but there is a Nectars version that surpasses this for sheer GAMEHENGE narrative/musical experience…3-12-88.
Here’s a stream of that show:
(left click to stream this “lo-fi” version)

I love TMWSIY! Enjoy…please seek out more SONICALLY ENHANCED versions, though…

Help me find one…

here is the full album in SHN format
original quality and everything. great download (probably legal since it’s never been copyrighted/published)

Too bad I don’t know how to use the SHN format… :frowning:

You can download mkw Audio Compression Tool, and the rest is basically self-explanetory.

mkw audio compression tool is by far the best SHN tool i’ve used. highly recomended, and it’s free

my brother is right now taking an audio course in college so i’m going to have him tune up TMWSIY, take out noise, just overall enhance the sound. but i’ll definately still keep a copy of the original, it’s like having a record… it’s not better, but it’s definately cool.

awesome album awesome story would be awesome if if could be brought to the screen how cool would that be

I think it would have been cool, but I also think it would have required an “official release”. I mean, there’s the white tape, but it isn’t the original thesis songs. they just all have to do with Gamehendge.

Funny about this one … I’d hoped they’d release it after the White Tape came out. Who knows, maybe they still will.

But I finally obtained a copy of it a couple weeks ago (after wondering about it for like, a decade) and … well, I love it … but some of the stuff has changed for the better since. Col. Forbin & Tela in particular.

Maybe there’s the possibility that TMWSIY will see a real release someday with versions better than those on that original tape. I hope to God that if that’s the case, then Lizards will be on the slow side. Just listened to 2/04/93 and Lizards sounds like they’re racing to see who can get to the end first. Plus Trey kinda loses bits of the melody in later live versions, especially in the chorus.

The 3/22/93 version is amazing. I never liked Tela or McGrupp until I heard it. It’s like hearing the songs in a whole new context…

Wait a minute…you didn’t like Tela or McGrupp? Tela got me off so hard before I even knew what Gamehenge was…It was on the first LivePhish release I bought and it blew my mind…as did every song on it really. I don’t think that you really need to know Gamehenge to appreciate those songs at all…I guess you did, but that is really baffling to me…Interesting…thanks for sharing.

Those songs never ‘clicked’ with me before I heard them in the context of Gamehendge. Plus they really nail them. The 3/22/93 Tela is fucking beautiful, and the fact that McGrupp wraps up Gamehendge gives that guitar riff intro a whole new meaning to me.

The story is an amazing creation. Lizards is an awesome song, Tela is beautiful. Gamehendge in general is awesome, and yet, it does deserve it’s own thread.

Hey man, if you remaster this and re-burn it… I would LOVE to get that from you. My version makes me sick after a while…hissy, noisey…YUK!