The most amazing thing

Is watching your own baby sleep.

Fucking unreal.


Yes… Yes… It is great watching RastaJeffreys baby sleep.



::pelts willb with teething rings::



Nice observation Rasta. It’s pretty cool watching them do just about everything.

I always loved doing that… even now and especially when he was a litte baby and would still do that whole phantom suckling thing in his sleep… SO CUTE.

Sometimes now, since Aidan’s so active and, let’s face it… 5 year old boys would rather die than kiss dear old mom out in public, when he falls asleep I sneak in there and brush his hair from off of his forehead and kiss it. They’re such angels when they’re asleep.


hahaha! yeah… it WAS kinda hallmark-ish, wasn’t it? Oh well… they turn you soft man!

Wait…you’ll see…

I know it’s not the same, but I feel this same sense of peacefulness while watching my cat sleep. There’s just something about that lil kitty curled up in a ball and sleeping happily without a care that gives me a sense of rightness in the world. I know, not the same, but I can understand the feeling.

definitely! I was petting Squibe right now.

Cats rule!!!

I like just listening to my puppy sleep. She’s so cute.

I like watching my dog sleep too. It’s very peaceful.

when i sleep, i am just so…so…sniff…precious.

ive seen you sleep…its nothing short of awful.

He has no nose!

puke thread, THIS WHOLE IDEA OF BABIES, BABIES, BABIES, LIKE PROCREATING IS SOOOOOO special, gimme a break, people with half a brain have kids, its NOT special. When i was a kid, i remember “other” kids spitting out the most vicious things with their devilish little mouths, I always thought “If their parents only knew what a terrible person this kid is becoming”, your kid may be ONE OF THOSE, how would you know?, on the other hand I have had wonderful experiences watching children and teaching children yada yada, but to hold them up soooooooo high like their infallible is ignorant, IMO


but in the first rays of the morn’s dawn-light…when we spooned…i thought…i thought you said…you…loved?

i’ve been such a fool!

::turns head away so neck won’t see my tears::

sounds like someone didn’t get enough “nocturnal mommy kisses” when they were younger.



But no, to be fair, I kind of agree a little bit with him… to a certain extent. Everyone thinks their child is an angel… I honestly think other peoples kids are annoying and completely devoid of any purpose…most of the time. I mean you have a gaggle of 5-9 year old boys over your house teaching you child about the words balls, weiner, and have him playing a game called ‘smear the queer’ and you see how cute you think those little darlings are then. I’m biased, basically, as are all parents really. It’s natural. And I used to have that “non-breeder” mentality too… I still do to a certain extent…people with 4+ kids are not only insane, but irresponsible. But you’re own kids are where the magic is at and what’s more special then you and that person you love creating a littl eperson… it’s the ultimate expression of love and togetherness and commitment. I’ve seen even the most cynical of people be softened by that little slice of them and the person they (hopefully) love staring back at them…even if they still think kids in general are out of control. It’s different when it’s yours, and trust me, you won’t know what I’m talking about until you do…and then you will.