The new Oh Kee Pa suggestions/problems thread!

Welcome to the new board everyone! Please post any suggestions/problems you can think of in this thread. I will work on them in turn to get things just how we want it.


To do:

Fix ‘online’ image within PM’s.

Fix display order in Individual Show Discussion.

Birthday list.

Point to this board.

Start work on skins/styles.

Just lettin’ ya know that the last two pages of the “Type Your Thoughts” and “I’m Drunk/Stoned thread” are missing.

Every post after Sept.17 is gone.

Oh, well that would explain it. :smiley:

Any chance of linking to this new OKP?

Also, a quick reply would be nice on thread pages. //DONE//

And birthday list would be all epic and sorts.

I’m sure you’re working on it, but it sure would be nice if the “Oh Kee Pa” at the top of the forum was bigger than the phBB logo, and not the other way around…

Hey will, I’m sure the .com add will be redirected soon. Also, there are a few Quick Reply add-ons for the board so I’m sure that option is available as well. //DONE//

doojer, Ian is working on some ideas for themes and I think that the phpBB logo is one of the first things to go.

Ian: currently, only admin are able to change their usernames, is this going to be available to all users eventually or is it only a feature for mods? :question: //DONE//

also, I just noticed that if you try and post a new reply and someone has already posted one whilst you were typing, when you hit submit you get to see the new reply and can decide if you want to alter your post or continue to submit it. nice touch I thought :smiley:

I will eventually, give it a few days for people to go to to read their PM’s instructing them to come here.

Yep, don’t you worry about that. What we have here at the moment is a temporary starter style. I want to get the essential stuff completed before we can work on styles for the board :slight_smile:

Any chance of making the usernames a bit bigger in posts? I feel like I need glasses for the first time in my life. :question:

In the top right of your screen you should see an A with arrows either side of it, there are three size options so click away until it looks clearer old boy!

wtf is this?! //DONE//

This is going to take some getting used to. :confused: phpbb

You should all the non phish related boards only viewable if you sign up.

I’m not sure how I feel about that one… I think if I viewed a board as a guest and liked what I was reading but couldn’t post a reply, I’d probably want to register in order to become a part of the community. We could put it down to a vote I suppose?

“You cannot use certain BBCodes: [flash].”


If you could enable flash, it would be awesome since “[youtube][/youtube]” won’t work anymore.

Edit- <---- video on “enabling” youtube videos in phpbb.

Edit2- I guess flash isn’t necessary if that youtube script is implemented.

Edit3- Nice! //DONE//

Went through and approved said threads, there were a few others in there as well.

Anyone know why those needed approval in the first place?

[youtube] tags now work.