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Just a thought…
Since OKP has the “Meat” section of this site with a password…
How about a show/link section with a password as well. So those who we not around when a link from a show was passed out can retrieve a show they might had missed.
It can be regulated with a password just as the Meat section is…

:question: :question:

Just to add… if OKP has server space the sets can be archived.
If not… I can. :slight_smile:

Exclusively for OKPers.

YESSSS :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

hey if the okp can host clears throat other stuff :smiling_imp:

I think its a fine idea if its done respectfully with the password etc… and perhaps keeping a link active for 10 days or so, then taking it down… that way nothing is left behind. I mean I want to respect the band and the music but these links are out there and having it organized is not a bad idea. Taking them down in a certain amount of time means they are not overly used and posting them means pah members can have access to the music. win/win. If somebody misses a link they can find someone to “help a brother out”. :mrgreen:

::tosses in two cents::

A OKPer would log in to receive a link.
Once the link is downloaded it is no longer available to the OKPers log in information.
This way the link could not be leaked to those outside OKP.
And we keep the respect for the band.

I’m confused.

what are you confused about?

So we’d keep respect for the band by quietly stealing their music? :wave:

Sharing LP downloads won’t have its own section, we like to keep the band happy.

yea not the albums themselves. just live phish downloads.

This idea gets the

You mean from, the sharing of which is just as illegal as the studio albums?

Once again, I am not understanding this. Did something change where trading shows are OK?

Hey well thanks for thinking about it though.

I understand why it obviously can’t be a thread on the board…but c’mon? stealing music? I can understand if it wasn’t a show u attended…but seriously; travel, tix, lodging…methinks it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the boys to “throw a bone” to folks who DO shell out SERIOUS money EVERY year to go to their shows and “support” their live music in that fashion.

My opinion only…$0.02 if you will.

Like I said, I DO see valid points in both side of this argument…and I DO agree there shouldn’t be a thread for copyrighted downloads on the OKP. If you can find it, great, if not, feel free to shell out a lil cash if it’s a show u really dig…those are really our only two options unless the decide to give a DL code for everyone who buys a ticket to said show…which like I said, they should IMO.



EDIT : I dont want to come off as a dick…so just to be clear there is NO malice directed to ANYONE from this post, just stating my opinion on the whole deal :smiley:
I love you guys, u know that :thumbup:

Phish allows taping and the free trade of those tapes… personally, I am an AUD person over the SBD. The amazing quickness the tapers generously rush to put their pulls up on the Internet is amazing as well.

Maybe we shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Will says no.

Im good with that. No is the correct answer. :thumbup:

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