Ticket Stub needed!

I thought I would post here as well. I am looking for a Coventry Ticket stub. Any shape will do. I can trade, Buy it, offer a gmail invite as well. I would like to get one for my personal collection. If you could post here I would greatly appreciate it. Please help. Thanks.


do you want one jsut to have one or bc you like went to the show and lost yours or something?

I gave mine to my father to frame and now he can’t seem to find it. After protecting it from the mud and all the crazy people, for this to happen… well :’(

I can’t blame him though. I should have just done it myself. Any help would be great. Really, this is important to me. I have framed tickets from Clifford Ball, Big Cypress, IT, I need this for sentimental reasons as you can see.

Any help and you will be rewarded.

Thank goodness this Gamecat character doesn’t post here anymore. This thread probably turned him off the Pa completely.

Thank goodness indeed.

oh,…and I got one. Thanks for nothing 'Pa!