Today in Phishtory!

There have been lot’s of threads like this and i was hoping to make this an official one and keep it going long and strong. There are some noteable shows from this date and i would like to recognize 8-16-96. 9 years ago today we had no clue what to expect from this, first of the 7 festivals. It was a carnival like atmosphere on the concert grounds with all the crazy props and character’s around. We set our blanket down in front of the first speaker tower’s. I was worried there would be an echo as i never experienced this type of sound set up before. The first set was rippen and contained the final Esther i would be priveliged to see. Three sets later i did not belive what i saw. Although there were many repeats from Deer Creek these new versions set themselves far apart and let us know again a Mike’s on Wednesday will not be the same on Saturday. I took a bit of fluff this night and wandered the grounds and was blessed to catch the last 20 minutes of the famous flatbed set. So many times in my career i felt that extra connection with this band. This night was more cement in the foundation.
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Great idea for a thread. I always am cognizant of the date and try and think “did Phish play some good shows on this date?”

Today is DEFINITELY one of the better dates (excluding 12/31 and 10/31, obviously).

8-17-96, Clifford Ball day 2! After about 4 or 5 hours sleep i arose to the sound of hung-over hippies. After procurring nourishment we made our plan of attack. Today we would try to be much closer to the stage. We did get very close and waited awhile for the boys to show up. Another awesome set that was followed by an orchestral performance and glider show during the long setbreak. Set 2 is when the madness really began. Brother bustout w/ special guests Ben and Jerry. Then the Crazy Antelope with the Cirus lady twirling on the rope. The Slave was the best i had seen up until that night as well! Third set was just as loopy with the hardness of Wilson-Frankenstein and the Tweezer featured snowboarders doing tricks on trampolines. Wow! The party was non-stop the whole weekend. Great music and great people in a very drug-friendly atmosphere for once. All the rest of the Festies paled in comparison(besides Cypress) to the Ball. Just listen to the disks and you’ll see!
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8-20-93 The first Phish gig at old RED ROCKS. The awesome Harpua with the Giant Iguana narration is memorable but what is rarely mentioned is the one of a kind version of The Wedge. The musical arrangement is different with Page taking the limelight with some great piano riffs. It is way more upbeat than any other version iv’e heard. A very experamental Antelope is also included in the first set. Second set is tip top but the first set is what makes this show remarkable. Mango-Freebird encore does not hurt either. Anybody there?
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I’m wishing I was there now…

yeah, 8/20/93… one of many examples of how good that year was. 3/31/93 was a pretty important show for me (i wasn’t there, but hearing that hood, reba, and bowie really opened me up to some new places).

8-21-87 Ian McLean’s Farm. A Heavy show with almost all the early favorite’s and cover’s. I own the 3rd set on disk and the other’s on tape. Marley’s barking shows up pretty clearly in the recording’s and Trey make’s refererence to it with a Dog Log opener and also in Harpua and Makisupa… The highlight from this show is no doubt the Harpua>Bundle of Joy>Harpua and the Stir-It-Up jam is rare and excellent. Notable is this early version of Divided Sky,only about 4 minutes lol. All in All it’s the boys at their early best
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Hmmm… Don’t think I ever heard that show… Sounds pretty interesting.

there are a lot of dog references at that show Harpua, Dog Log , and Funky Bitch. I am pretty sure that they talk about this show in GO PHISH.

Today in Phishtory… August 22… No shows were played…

One year and One week ago today was Phish last show…8/15/04 What a fricken bummer!!!

Today in Phish History, Phish opened up for Santana @ the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo. From what I heard it was a wet one… Enjoy your day everyone!!!

6 years ago today i embarked on what i would later say is the best tour Phish ever did. My opionion of Fall 99 is not often shared but that is just fine with me! We got to Vancouver a couple days ahead of time to soak up the atmosphere and did just that. Bud is not an issue in BC and scoring an ounce of sweet dank for 180 american bucks was awesome! When we got to GM place it did not even seem like there was a show going on. The top teer of the venue was curtained off so it was just a floor and lower bowl show. Maybe 5000 people showed up. Th first set was pretty standard song wise but i could not help notice how tight they were for a tour opener. I later realized Japan tour was only a couple weeks before so there was no big layoff between tours causing them to get rusty. The second set was an explosion of High Energy new tunes from the original Trey tour. Although they were debut’s for Phish i already knew and loved these tunes from Trey. Along with the Debut of First Tube, Mozambique, and In-Law are super funky and tight versions of Ghost ,Tweez and YEM. Again uncharacteristic of a tour opener. Not to mention a rare treat in Ha Ha Ha. I alway’s said i would try to catch the Vancouver shows if they ever played there again but it never happened. Anyone else there? Anyone heard the recording? Thoughts?
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Chula Vista 99 has the biggest Boogie On ever. The rest of the show is a ten plus. So much to say about this show but if you were there or you heard it you know what i’m talkin about!

^word!!! i love the 99 chula vista show, that was one of the first shows i ever got from i gotta remember to rock this show later on tonight! thanks for the phistory or else i woulda let it pass me by.

Im glad that people are starting to recognize the greatness from 9.18.99. The whole show is awesome and the boogie on will just continue to amaze for years to come. This show was probably one of my favorites that I attended and I remember the vibe being really mellow and cool. The weather was awesome and everyone was very friendly. One of the highlights of 1999, and of my phish experience. I suppose I will listen again tonight as well.

Weirdly enough, 9/18/99 was the first show I got off too…
Anyway yes, a great show all around. Anytime a show is bookended by Tweezer/Tweeprise, you can go home happy.

^ indeed

Yo Bigb…

Intersting that you think Fall 99 was the best tour. I had tickets to both Albany shows and had to get rid of them - were you there? What did you think? I believe the dates were 10/8 and 10/9. Maybe save your review for those days I guess. I’ve never heard either show…

I thought the idea for this thread was a great idea!!

Today, 9/29, was the first night of a 2-day stand in Phish’s 2000 fall tour in Vegas. Kid Rock guested…eh.

The next night, 9/30, should go down in Phishtory as one of the most important dates (along with 8/15, 10/7, and 12/31). That night we all learned of the impending hiatus which created fear and sadness in all our hearts. Not to meantion it’s Trey’s birthday!! So I hope you all post tomorrow in this thread, celebrating September 30th as a special day indeed!!! :wink: