Top Ten Phish Songs

A poll by Rolling Stone just came out.

The list?

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Run Like an Antelope
  3. The Lizards
  4. Fluffhead
  5. Harry Hood
  6. Reba
  7. Tweezer
  8. Divided Sky
  9. YEM
  10. Lushington
    “We think this is Phish phans phucking with us. In Phish’s nearly three-decade history, “Lushington” has only been played eight times, and it’s been shelved since 1987. While elements of the song ended up in “Fluffhead,” “Lushington” is the great white whale of Phish cuts, and given the fact it won this poll thanks to some major league ballot stuffing, it’s the track fans are most clamoring to hear live. With any luck, Trey and the boys see the results of the Readers’ Poll, see how in demand the song is and bust it out on their coming tour. We wouldn’t hold our breaths, though.”

My top ten’s easy:

10 Jennifer Dances
9 Spread It 'Round
8 Secret Smile
7 In A Misty Glade
6 Dear Mrs. Reagan
5 Faht
4 NO2
3 He Ent to the Bog
2 Friday
1 Union Federal
I mean, whoops, that’s not my top ten

You’re right! How’d you get a hold of my top ten???

This was all decided upon back in aught seven as I recall.

Buncha Casey Kasems up in this bitch