Trey Anastasio - The Beacon Jams

The Beacon Jams, an eight-week virtual residency to be streamed for free exclusively on Twitch, live from New York City’s historic Beacon Theatre every Friday at 8:00 pm ET from October 9 through November 27.

The Beacon Jams will feature acoustic and electric performances by Trey, home audience interactions and more.

All proceeds from The Beacon Jams donations will benefit Phish’s long-running non-profit, the WaterWheel Foundation, and its new Divided Sky Fund (DSF). The proceeds will be used to deliver help to those affected by addiction and help further plans to open a treatment center in Vermont.

To watch The Beacon Jams, go to:

Have you guys been watching these shows? What do you think? Ghosts of the Forest was incredible imo. The Rescue Squad strings section is just beautiful.

Are we all thinking Phish tonight? Oysterhead?

Let’s watch along.

I’ve been watching when I can. I’m watching the whole thing tonight. Super fun. YEM to open was great

As an old man that doesn’t understand Twitch, is there any way to watch older airs of these shows or do I need to tune in live?