Trey's on MTV

Trey and Dave go to Africa is on MTV right now if anyone is interested…

Maybe Vh1 actually

What is this about, and who is ‘Dave’?

I have no idea who that is…

That show isnt too bad. Some of the footage of Trey playing with the African musicians is pretty cool.

Oh, he looks pretty cool. How does he know Trey?

^brother in law.

Is he a musician too?

of course.

he’s a super hero, there’s nothing he CAN’T do!

This sounded cool, so I checked my listings, but can’t find it. :frowning:

that special was first done a while ago. i wasnt a phan when it was first on tho. anyway, i had just gone to the store to get food when my roommate called and said it was on…i missed it. i was a little pissed, cuz i guess trey does a version of bouncing with an african orchestra which i bet is awesome. another time i guess

did anyone else read the side conversation jawbone and fluffy bunny were having earlier??I have never laughed so hard…

trey with super dave osbourne?!

id give one/both testicles to see that show…

but shucks…i missed it.

ive seen it a couple of times; it’s ok i suppose.

trey teaches the african orchestra “bouncing around the room” so that’s cool i guess.

My campus had a Kanye West concert that i went to that was absolute shit. All my friends were going and i got talked into it. There was so much distortion and shitty sound quality my head hurt and ive been too plenty of concerts and love it loud. i came home and this was on vh1! I was completely shitfaced and this totally made me exstatic and forgot aboutthe waste of my saturday night.

i saw Kanye a few months ago at my campus as well, University at Buffalo, and i thought Kanye was great, some did say that the sound was pretty bad from the bleachers to the side, but i would say overall it was a good concert, rap/hiphop shows are usually pretty bad, but he had a string section, percussion etc, thought it was real cool, anyways just my 2 cents

i saw where Kanye West is performing at the university of southern illinois…he is the first major act to perform there since…PHISH in 99




(Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just fulfilling the Trey-is-a-sellout quota for this thread. Carry on)