I have always been in love with this song. It’s fucking great and funky! I like 11/20/98 - Page is on fire in the jam. My other favorite version is 7/16/98 - The funk is so thick and juicy you need a spoon to lap it up! ;D Really, there are so many great versions of this song. What are your favs?

12/7/97 - Tube REPRISE
2/22/03 - Bustout Tube before a monster Gin

The Tube possibilities are quite endless :slight_smile:

11/2/98 man is that a sweet fucking jam…maybe my favorite segue ever…Tube > Drowned > JJLC…honestly I’ll take that any day over 12/7/97’s ACDC > Psycho Killer > JJLC…but the fact that you get a Tube near the end of 12/7/97 may give it a bit of an advantage…Any show that I really love that has a Tube is generally just made all that much better by having a Tube. BTW another good Tube is 8/13/96…maybe not as experimental as it got in '97/'98 and on, but it is tight as hell and Trey is just on fire.

Can’t rememer the date, but the Tube that’s on the sampler they passed out at Coventry is pretty sick.

Oh yeah!
12/11/95. Thanking the audience for the help with the “Dog Log” album. I just listened to that one the other day, great version.

my face melts everytime i hear that…the post-tube jam is sick!!!

big cypress tube is probably my favorite. the jam is so sick, mike’s tearin it up. i also like the tube from 9-18-99, disco inferno! very solid.

Another great Tube was the Island opener on 4/2/98. Geeeeez, thick funk! YES, Cypress Tube was a highlight too.

I’ll second GR, 11/2/98 is quite good!!

once again, i’m saying 12-13-97. perfect tube from a perfect show.

THats the final tube—deer creek night two.
I like almost every tube I’ve ever heard. One I’m thinking of right now is 7.27.03–after “We’d like to welcome back our bass player–MIKE GORDON!!! HE’S BACK!!”

Lets not forget the great unsung Tube from Phoenix 7/21/98. It has the post tube jam ala 12/7/97 and 11/2/98 and is super funky.

I heard this for the first time about a month ago and every time i hear it it makes my head implode.

Hey guys, check out 9/15/00 Hershey Park, Pa. Second set is a rocking tube with a tube reprise jam. I didn’t overly enjoy this show while in attendance, but after I got it on disc I enjoyed it much more. Especially the Tube.

Will second the 4.2.98 Tube. Great way to open the tour and lay the FUNK down for this amazing four night run.

That wasn’t Will’s post, but we hear you! Will did mention some PHINE TUBAGE!

Oh, Tube. Such a great song.

Oh, Tube…your end is the road!

No momadave i was saying will as in “I will second the 4.2.98…” not will seconded that. sorry for the confusion.