Favorite versions of Tube? I’m looking for some more shows where they jam it out for a while. Big Cypress Tube is sweet. Then there’s 12-7-97, where they start the jam up again after the songs ends. Real funky.

1997 was the year of the “Tube!”
I only caught 1, 6/24/04, but it was nice and jammed.
11/2/98 is also good…as is 12/29/97

I also like the tube from PHoenix 7-21-98. Complete with Dayton-style post tube jam. Pretty sweet. I’ll pretty much take any of them!

a great post-hiatus tube is 2-22-2003, cinci. opens the set and leads into a lenghy gin if i remember correctly.

similar to the tube start/stop jamming, check out the suzy from 9-14-2000 (its a live phish release) this song rips, as does the whole show up until caspian.

I also like the tube from PHoenix 7-21-98. Complete with Dayton-style post tube jam. Pretty sweet. I'll pretty much take any of them!

^ I was gonna say that…

word. Great show until the last few songs. That “Suzy” you speak of is pure madness. It just builds and builds! Ironically, this show gets ragged on from time to time here…someone called it “shitty” or something to that effect…!

those bastards! it was the last show i saw of prehiatus phish. luckily i had a pavillion seat. those nay-sayers were prob stuck out in the cold rain for the show. its a live phish for a reason my friends. drowned->jam and crosseyed to open the second set, cant ask for anything better.

I agree. The first set has an above-average “Reba.”
“Drowned->jam->Crosseyed->jam” is all you need for the second set!

Let’s find them, hunt them down, and make them listen to this show until they admit it is a great show (final 4 songs notwithstanding)!

yeah… crosseyed is always great.

and as much as i hate to admit it…
no matter how “shitty” a livephish release might be, if i has a great reba im going to buy it… and thats the end of it… =P

Some members on here get irritated that the “newbies” or even other people constantly rave about the greatness of LivePhish releases. Which is understandable to a point…but guess what? Some of the LivePhish releases are actually GREAT SHOWS!! And they get high marks because they are great sound quality and easily accessible. The band, whom we all seem to worship, must have thought enough of them to officially release them, and I agree with them 95% of the time!

no show with crosseyed can possibly be bad.

let the hunt begin.

9/15/00 is the mother of all Tubes…nice post-Tube-funk jam that ends at like 17 min. and segues right into When the Circus Comes…definately get this one!

Riverport 98! Very erry erry gooooood!


Although I’m not sure whether you were calling me a “newbie” or saying that I was ratting on LP releases… i actually agree with you 100 percent that most of the releases are great shows, hands down.

my comment was made about someone calling the 9-14-00 release shitty, whereas I was saying even if its shitty (which i dont think it is), the reba on it is great and worth the buy.

No! I was not being negative towards you at all in any way!! I was just saying there are some people on here who get annoyed at any LivePhish release because there are “so many other shows that are better” or somethign to that effect. I guess they feel the need to start quoting some obscure shows in a Dennis Miller-like rant. But I’ll stand by my (and yours) opinion that close to a majority of the LivePhish releases are great, if not incredible, shows.

ok cool cool.
were seeing eye to eye here.


i personally think the 6-14-00 release is pretty weak.

the 2nd set is alright and the sound is great.

but its just pretty average all around.

but i mean… 6-22-94, 5-7-94, 8-14-93, 11-17-97… you know… those are some great picks.

I agree. 6-14-00 has a trippy set II and a fairly standard (but groovy with jammed “Gumbo” set I.

I also think the 12-14-95 release is fantastic. As is the 7-10-99 (which catches A LOT of shit but I will stand up for due to the “BOAF” and “Fluffhead”). I think the “Tweezer” from that show is above-average (better than 11-17-97 IMO).

I like that slow groovin '99 Tweezer better than 11/17/97 as well…And I usually go for the craziest Tweezers first…ie Fleezer…

yeah. YEAH! Throw in the soaring “Chalkdust” from the first set and why would anyone not like this show?

I still don’t think that Tweezer is very good. The BOAF is far more interesting and it’s almost half as long.