Tweezer MADNESS! (shirt) … ss-20.html

Slightly updated design.
The order ends tomorrow for this new run


Haha, I like.

thanks! :thumbup:

Nice design. Those will definitely go.

By the way… How’s the fabric on your shirts? Do they come pretty soft/light weight, or need to be broken in?

Hmm … the Reba one I got is pretty soft, but I would not call it ‘light weight.’ It’s on the ‘thicker’ end of fabric for T-shirts and hasn’t really gotten any ‘thinner’ after a couple of washes so far.

Dunno if that answered your questions. Gilden is a pretty popular-shirt brand … if you’ve bought shirts on Phish lot you probably have a Gilden or two…

Anyways just bought one … Tweezer Madness!!

The weight I usually get is 6.1 oz. The ladies shirts will differ somewhat, but they are usually pretty close. I almost always get Mens Gildan (2000) and Ladies Gildan (2000L). The reason I don’t go for thinner weight fabrics like American Apparel, etc. is because they produce inconsistent prints, and they tend to fall apart quicker.

I really dislike American Apparel’s fit for shirts as well. The torso length is WAY too long. Unless someone is like 6ft+ or genetically skewed to have a long torso …

On the otherhand, I love Gildan’s fit for Women’s shirts, thanks again Jiggs!! :thumbup:

Anytime. I really appreciate the support


looks like these will arrive sometime next week, for all those that have pre-ordered

I am hoping by Friday.

ooo Nice!

Looks like these will actually arrive on 7-28 (Wednesday)
Sorry for the delay
(forgot there was already a thread too…doh!)

sweet ass shirt man, for real, I just saw this one

i hopefully get these wednesday. i’m siked.

I put up what was left after Deer Creek back on the blog.

I received mine in the mail when I got back from Creekpine! Looks fab and fits great!!
Thanks once again, Jiggs!!

P.S. did not bump into your stand / area in DC lot. Oh well. Next time!!

Next time! :slight_smile:

only two of these left a Large and XL

all shirts are 10 bucks while they last

Doing a new run of these…

slightly updated design