twenty years later

hello everyone,
Well it hasn’t been quite 20 years but pretty close, my first phish show was in 93. Back then all you could do was trade tapes at shows then eventually things took off on the internet. Back then I was actually an avid collector but over time my interest in collecting wained although I still attended as many shows as I could.
When phish announced it’s first hiatus I thought it was a good thing but of course I was more than excited about their return in 03. While I attended many shows this year that were considered highlights I never felt the band was heading into new territorry. To me this was an essential component to the Phish experience.
When phish called it quits at the Coventry, I bought into it and started a new phase of my life like so many of us did.
But again I am excited about this new phish. I attended the Knocksville show and have heard just a little of this late summer tour and I am blown away again. Here’s the problem,
I have no idea how to get shows these days. I’m still trying to figure out bit torrent(I know I sound so freakin old). I’m in a temporary living sitituation and the computer I have to use for the next month has no speakers. I’ve been trying to figure out how to burn a bit torrent to cd but it’s really hard when you don’t have speaker’s and you can’t figure out how to edit the torrent to fit on a cd.(most sets are over 70 minutes). Can anyone give me any advice on this or…
I would be happy to send blanks and postage for shows. I am really interested in this 2nd leg of the tour this year, from Red Rocks on. I’ll send as many disks as you please. I can assure you that I would be very prompt in sending the disks and postage. thanks everyone and peace
Mike Hagerud

Downloading the bittorrent should have all the tracks separated.

I imagine you are just downloading the really small file from the torrents page. That file is to be used to open the torrent in a client like uTorrent or something. THEN it will take a while (an hour on a good internet connection) to download the show.

Then, you need to convert the files you downloaded (which’ll be FLAC or SHN checkout: if you’re on windows or if you’re on a mac) to wav files. Finally, you can burn it.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy.

^ Or use NERO with the appropriate plugins, and you don’t need to convert a thing.