Type your thoughts (Part 1)

Chili bean float dip one slice egg boys.

Bob Dylan forever.

I had a big bowl of soup followed by a sesame bar and then I ate a sour rip roll.

I hope Jimi is jamming with Frank and Jerry.

I don’t drink enough water.

A part of me wishes a sequel to The Big Lebowski was made but then I remember how special it is as a one off.

Cups of tea.

Why do I eat so much candy?

So it snowed on October 12th…global warming for sure.

I proposed to my girlfriend this past weekend. She said, “Yes.” I packed my own parachute. “Geronimo,” with a smile on my face.

Mountain Dew is too good.

Dogs never want to just lie down and watch me sit at the computer.

Cats sleep SO much.

I should get back into kung-fu. I quit after 3 years…I was 10. I could be a ninja by now.

why are there so many fights at my school?

it isn’t inner city, but there are as many fights as some inner city schools

there were about ten fights last year

two so far this year

why is there so much violence?

why have i never seen any of the fights?

I wonder if I should clean my keyboard out??
I can’t wait to jack off later.
Why is it that I enjoyed arguing with my ex last night as much as I did actually dating her??
Miles Davis is fucking god. Literally and figuratively.
Burnt best, bent burst, tent thrust, trust test
Dark chocolate is god.

I had fillings today.
Nitros rules.
Novacaine sucks.

I don’




enough mi


congrats ghost on the weddin

baileys and hot chocolate is good

it is wayyyyyy too cold

ian’s hot

he farted on my pillow

crazy brit with his sour roll things

i hate how i need to sign in and get a guest pass everyday when i go into my temp job on Park Ave in NYC.

we are temps not terrorists!!!

and at the end of the day they sometimes collect our pass as we walk out the door. yeah they can have it back, after i wipe my ass with it!

yesteday I was kind of hoping some random friends that live far away would call or email me to see if I was still alive after the plane crash in new york city last night. but no one did.


butt sex


super pissed at my girl
mama’s family is a great show
time to go play tennis
i really need to take my sausage hostage



I think it’s bleeding. FUCK

Does anyone really belive George W. Bush?

I like sushi, I should eat it more.

I wish I could be independantly wealthy.

Why does life have to be so complicated?

A I ever going to find anythign that I can be happy with forever?

I feel spread thin.

Why do I always give more of myself than others do?

I hope I get to go see trey tomorrow, my boss acted like a dick when I told him that that I had to take off for it tomorrow.

Grey’s anatomy is gettign ready to come on… YEAH!!!

I love you guys. :slight_smile:

You get him that show yet?!?

Bombard his ass with some GD shows, he’ll thank you later!

dude i wish my parents would go to bed so i could smoke pot in my room

Whenever people ask me to tell them what I’m thinking or to type my thoughts, can I really do this without self-editting what I am thinking first?? I either blank or I think something but it just seems forced. Normally my thoughts flow freely like a pure river but when someone suddenly wishes to cross the stream I become too self conscious and either shut down or turn into a puppet telling people what they want to hear or want me to say.
Earlier I was thinking about actresses I actually like and would want to bone and it’s basically the two chicks from ‘Ghost World’, Julia Stiles, Kate Winslet, and someone else who I can’t remember but I know I’ve hammered my nail to at least twice.
When I was trying to explain my existential crisis to my ex I came up with the idea that if all my life ever amounts to is some guy who obsessively cataloged the minutae and stories he has lived through I would be pretty happy because it takes a lot of work and persistence to do. It’s like keeping a diary but only discussing the meaningless crap, like an especially good sandwich or the weird appearance of beetles inside one of your windows. And the phrase that I came up with is “it would be like an artist who’s body of work solely consists of his used kleenex’s and receipts” and while that needs some work I really like the idea of someone willingly letting you pick through the trash and supposedly meaningless stuff in their life. I bet some artist has already done this but I guess it doesn’t matter because as solipsistic as it is I genuinely enjoy writing about my own life insofar as it often ends up being about more than just what music I’m listening to or what happened to me today because like a Phish jam I end up spiralling off into tangents that are much more than just as they appear.
I forget where I was going with that but funkyb’s Dead bear is distracting me and when I read her post I thought it was Jawbone because I saw brown name text and talking about smoking pot and I had assumed she lived on her own in the Big Apple or whatever.
Lately I’ve realized that I use the following words too much: lately, realized, following, honestly, genuinely, truly, fuck, that, like, and and.
Why do people make pens that have red caps but the ink is actually black??

I feel very doubtful about my future, but I ignore those thoughts by having as good of a time as possible as much as possible.


I feel like Greg typing this, but this girl who I’ve been friends with for four years all of sudden wants to get together. Its awkward. I actually tried the game on her this summer, but she gave me the old “our friendship means too much.” I just keep thinking about how it would be impossible to change modes from casual friends to close bed-buddies. We have a lot of good memories together, including a week on the road going during the last week of phish. Hmmm. We’ll probably just wait to resolve this problem 'til we’re both drunk. then things will work out. right?

i have this chinese friend (and by chinese I mean he’s lived longer in china than he has in america, and that he’s not an a merican citizen) he complains that americans are too limited in our swearing, he thinks we say fuck too much

he also thinks american students have too much freedom

there are so many chinese in my school, it’s freaky, the other day before homeroom i was wandering the halls with mark and we walked through this stretch of hall that was only chinese, it was so weird

all the chinese are here because the casino recruits from china

the casino is fucking huge, it’s like one of the 5 largest in the world, i say top 5 because i’m not sure exactly where it falls, it was 1st for a while, but i don’t think it is anymore, the casino is cool cause they have free concerts, they also have a krispy kreme

i was rigging up this hidden camera today (it’s for the social experiment i mentioned in the “ask bigdude anything thread”) i took a webcam and stuck it in my crotch, cut a hole in my pants so the lens could see through, gonna run the wire up my back and into a laptop in a backpack, the only problem is that the casino searches your bags when you go in

my teachers gave me so much food today, i got a blueberry muffin, 4 hershey’s kisses and a bag of skittles

there’s a football game tomorrow night (of course there is, there’s one every friday), it’s a home game, but since we don’t have a football field right now (there’s a shitload of construction at my school, the football field is a giant dirt hole with bleachers around the outside), it’s being held at the catholic high school

i don’t know if i’m gonna go to the game (maybe if mellisa will go with me…)

i have to get up early on saturday, get to take the sat, what fun a five hour test!