Type your thoughts (Part 2)

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The new type your thoughts thread. The old thread reached its capacity because it was over 10,000 posts! We actually had it at 14,000! It was probably one of the most popular threads on the OKP, along with the Good Morning OKP threads. So lets get this party started!

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My thoughts right now are I am sad the Beacon Jams are over, but so elated that they happened.

I am bummed they over too, but at least there is dinner and a movie tonight!!! Tasty 97 jams!!!

Just got back from Coventry and things seem off. What’s new?

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LOL. What a wild time!

Lol…reading through old posts and convos here has showed me that having no OKP and only PT these past years has made me significantly dumber with much less to say than I once had. That and I think my kids require all the energy I once had for thinking and expressing my thoughts and like, doing stuff. Life’d.

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It’s a fun trip down memory lane,eh?! I think once I discovered pt and the Facebook became an easy place to connect with my friends I distanced from the OKP, but it easier shooting the shit here now since we aren’t gonna he spied on LOL!

For sure! I never did Facebook or any of that. PT has always been the unwashed butthole of the phish community but at least it was some good unsavory fun for quite awhile. These days…good god that place has become so toxic and dysfunctional and depressing. It’s so nice that Ian fired teh Pa back up!

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Dang, I heard it wasn’t great there but that’s pretty rough. :wink: Glad to see you showing up…I’d imagine most folks here just got busy with that pesky real life.

Came in to express my thoughts about “oven fried chicken.” And that every time you hear about it, or read a recipe, its tag line is that you’ll never know it’s not deep fried(!!!) But you do know it’s not deep fried. Like, every time. Even in the picture, it’s obvious it’s baked chicken. Stop trying to front.

It’s great to see so many old names popping up around here. Just want to clarify, though, OKP never went anywhere. It has been here all along.

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Sometime during this whole world ending thing, I said fuck it and got an air fryer.

It’s pretty magical, and something that is legit keeping me going.

It can pressure cook, too. I have been making a ton of stuff that I never would have thought to.

So, yep.

You’d recommend one? I’ve been flip-flopping over buying one for a while.

What’s the best stuff it can do? Like, amazing chips (fries)? Can it do donuts? Samosas?

Fries have never been better.

And freaking wings at home without grilling or smoking, a real treat to me.

I got a Ninja, the stews and chilis and stuff is so easy.