VINE: DVD 12/30/2009


stilllll waiting :wave:

Take a break from the bong rips kids and get this vine going again, please. Thank You.

Do we know who actually has it at this point? Mr. Hood did you ever get it?


Per Dan, I should have these @ my house soon…I will burn and send within a few days of receipt :thumbup:

Any chance I can ask one of you guys to burn a copy for me and send it my way? I’ll kick you a few bucks via paypal to cover disc and shipping costs. I just don’t have access to a DVD burner.

^^let me know when you get it and i’ll PM my address and shit…I can send you a Money Order as well to cover discs and shipping, just let me know

  1. Marco
  2. clevername
  3. Mr. Hood (thanks!!!)
  4. Phloridian
  5. Delayloop
  6. Rolling- thanks
  7. Harrisond
  8. hdunnzo
  9. kenny

Where they at?

I haven’t received them yet… Mr. Hood did you ever get this vine?

I just got them in the mail yesterday…should have them burned and sent out to you HOPEFULLY within the next few days :thumbup: :thumbup:

I’ll PM you for address.

EDIT : Oh, and THANKS Dan! :clap: