Vine: DVD Big Cypress Project Midnight-Sunrise

I know a lot of people are excited about this one.

Please Please Please remember that you need a Dual-Layer burner to participate in this. Teddy asked that we not compromise the quality of his creation by compressing and splicing to make it fit on 8 regular DVD5s. I’d hate to have to lay the law down like that but he spent countless hours on this so the least we can do is listen to him.

Start signing up if you’ve got a Dual-Layer burner. If not, sit tight for a couple weeks till this really starts to spread around and then start your B&P requests.

1.bigdude ( i will compress it to my format, then just send the dual’s over)

^ right right, I never thought of that. Everyone can do that too if they don’t have a DL.

1.bigdude ( i will compress it to my format, then just send the dual’s over)

I was wondering how you would be sending this. In burned format or data? Still trying to figure out how to burn this, but I can probably be of help if this list gets pretty long, maybe send out a second ‘branch’

^I suppose I could do either if you want to start the second branch. For the vine I’m sending out the actual DVD’s though, not data files.

do i need to put any effort into burning duallayer discs? do i need special dvd’s? all i know is that i have a powerbook g4 w/ superdrive and people told me its a duallayer burner… help please?

famus, your dvd drive is not a DL burner, unless you bought it uber recently. I believe we have the exact same PB , and they are not dual layer burners. for more information, clikc on Apple>About this Mac>More info>Burning and make sure.


ur right bigdude…i guess i cant burn this dual layer then… does dual layer mean two sides of the dvd’s have data on them?

uh-oh spaghettiO’s…This is becoming a true task to obtain.

Dual layer means the disc has to layers to burn on. It does not burn on 2 sides of the disc, it just creats a second “layer” as opposed to a single layer disc. Dual Layer discs are more expensive than single layers, even so that it would probably be smarter to use single layer discs instead. A spindle of dual layer discs is more than twice a single layer spindle in some places, so its not worth it.

so count me out of hte vine the n :frowning: unless i can do this? i dont know! gah! can i do what bigdude is doing? then everyone would just do that and the only person w/ the dual layer discs would be the last person on the vine who had hte original!

yes, just take the dual layers, rip them using Mac the Ripper, as a Video_TS folder, then use a program like Toast to put it on a single layer. **NOTE: there are 2 ways to use toast.
#1: You can compress it all to make it fight on one single layer dvd. (You will lose quality this way).
#2: Divide it up to fit on two dvds, meaning you will have to seperate it yourself. (you may cut a segue/song in half, wehre the dvd would just normally skip to the next chapter, however it cant because you made 1 disc 2.)

famus, you will be ok, I will show you what to do, so just stay on it.

Damn. See this is how the shit gets tricky. They say "make sure everyone gets this, but don’t compress it to make it easier for everyone to get it.

Why don’t you guys tell me what you want me to do. I mean shit, I’ll go ahead and burn it to 8 regular discs if that’s what everyone wants. After I send it to BigDude, I’m out of the picture anyway so really its about what makes it easier for everyone else. I want to make sure that everyone who wants this gets it. I mean, I’d be no better than Shapiro if I was hoarding it to myself.

i think 8 dvds would make it easier for more people to access it. how about this, start 2 vines, see which one fills up quicker. (this is not supposed to sound like that adverb, have shit in one hand and want in the other, see which one fills first :wink: )

maybe that would be easier/ more accessible to the OKP?

Well its been 2 days and only you and famus have signed up. And this was supposed to be a hot commodity. I guess I scared everyone with my BOLD TYPING. I’ll start a new thread for an 8 discer, and I’m sure it’ll fill up. BigDude and Famus are automatically 1 and 2 on it so don’t worry about signing up again.

Don’t worry you didn’t scare me…I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one. I’m in the process of working something out w/ the breezy famousmockingbird. With my outdated computer it would take me a month to get all the disc’s copied.

Can’t wait…cheesecake…cheesecake…cheesecake

I just wanted to put in a note about this. I have successfully burned two of the discs, by compression (I think) on the burning program, on regular DVD-R discs. I didn’t notice much loss of quality. I have on;y done two because they take real friggin long, like 5 hours or so, but they copy really quickly, ~ 20 min. I understand that this is not how Teddy intended for this to go around, but hey, I think that some people are going to figure out how to do this. I wasn’t able to use the nnice menus that had already been created, but again, oh well, I’m not watching for the menu. I’m going to try a DL disc with the suggested ONE(S) program, as this is friendly with the TS_VIDEO files (or whatever they are called). Anyways… my .02
P.S. This brought back so many memories, a real treasure if you were there

1.bigdude ( i will compress it to my format, then just send the dual’s over)

i’ll hop on this. i have a single-layer burner, but my bro has a DL, so i am able to do that too.

So, by show of hands, should I compress it to fit on 4 single layer discs or split it to fit on 8 single layer discs?