Well folks…I am back home after 4 days of Waka. I’m probably the first back since I live so close. I am fvcking exhausted…but satisfied. What a 4 days!!!1

The meeting was wonderful and the festival was a fvcking blast!!! Everyone I met from this board was warm, fun, and kind. We had the BEST camp at the fest!

Pictures will follow as posted by whomever took them. The legend of WesManTooth the Forest Hound will be told as well his ballad be sung. Shakedown legends will be revealed (including Sketchdown @ 4 am remembrances). Camp Russia was laid to waste Sunday night. I took home the remnance of it’s roof. I now OWN Russia!

What a weekend…

My favourite musical moments?!?!?!

Bisco was totaly godhead for two nights. Flaming Lips were a religious experience. Zilla was badass! I really dug on Brothers Past…both sets were wicked. Grace Potter was the surprise of the whole fest for me! Bela was stunning as was Yonder Mountain.

Damn…it’s all flooding back to me now.

How was the security check point outside the fest? Sounds like this was teh weekend of the summer so far. Glad you’re back safe Vern

No Tribe Vern? How long did they play? Nobody called me!!! :frowning:

Security was a bit thorough but it was mostly for dogs and bottles. They were really after the bottles!
I saw a few Shadown Street arrests…mostly for public intoxication (i.e. stumbling blindly in an attempt to WALK) a=nd unauthorized vending (i.e. drugos).

The venues were pretty badass and the lineups made it easy to camp and then go see bands for hours at a time. I had a much better experience at Waka than I did at either Bonnaroo or All Good. I could see definately going back.

I was pretty fvcked up last night. I had to finish off my beer with everyone so it was a bit of a chore! Then, Pat got me mega blitzed and we went to Yonder & Bela. My Son caught STS9 and dug them. But Bela ended a perfect festival for me. He tore it UP!

Hey, Vernixx. Great way to start what will surely be THE completely awesome Wakarusa Memories Thread. I’m glad you had a fun, safe time. It’s cool that you’re home first because you live the closest. I can imagine all the other OKPers driving home around the US…and even flying all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Super cool.

Vern, you trying to head to 10KLF?.. Please say yes, as I have a FAT TIRE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT…


who’s got my heady deet, brah?!

fucking LOL!!!1!

aw man…what the hell happened to me? my brain is slowly regaining short and long term memory…

so lets see…where to begin?

well of course there was the russia/chechnya (sp?) debacle…in the end russia crumbled as mentioned above and chechnya reigned supreme…it was a long and arguous battle and we all fought long and hard but the crumbling of russia was obvious from the get go…then add the wind factor and a bunch of stoners with too much booze and you end up with a fallen nation…simple as that.

and…ah yes…WesManTooth…that feral bastard…he was a good man…actually she…but who’s splittin hairs? ghost2k fed wes bologna turkey and ham…later we came to find that mr. ManTooth was a vegan…and a narc…go figure.

highlights band-wise…
-Brothers Fuckin Past!! i cant fluff em enough…these guys are sick, tight and know how to throw down…do not miss them if they are near you.
-robert randolph was bad ass as well…all i have to say is “dont stop til you get enough”…holy sheep shit.
-lotus at 4 am while under the influence was amazing and spectacular…im gonna need a copy of this to see how it REALLY sounded…got me?
-both of the bisco sets were tight…especially safety dance…damn that song rules.
-FLips was cool…i expected more somehow though…sorry.

im missing a ton of things to brag/tell you about…oh yeah…keller and the kiels…legalize it > soul shakedown…SICK!!!..blah blah blah…

the meet up was great…everyone was super cool/heady…im so glad i made it out…i cant wait to see the pics once they are up…

oh…and marianne dancing with the kite at sts9 was the best thing i have ever seen…im not even kidding, marianne…that was so awesome…you were having so much fun…FUCK YEAH WAKA!!!

Best shows I caught:

Gov’t Mule. Simple as that. I missed all of the FLips because I was right up front and the Mule does not let you leave. Cant You See, Mule>Ive Been Workin>Mule, Hunger Strike>Dr Mr Fantasy>Hunger Strike, DONT STEP ON THE GRASS SAM.

Late night PGroove. Me and Thom were out of our minds… And there was only about 30 people there. I was dancing by the stage when I noticed Thom was gone… Only to be found mumbling the mumblings of a melted mind in the back corner. Thank Helen we made our way back!

Les Claypool. Buckethead and Bernie Worrell appearance to make Col Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie BALDY HEAD (Mike Dillon). SICK. Plus Les encored with some solo song where he was playing the banjo. Never seen it before, and it really blew me away.

Disco Biscuits first night. Not sure if it was the liquid that hit my tongue this night, but I was bouncing all around that tent. Being the obnoxious person bumping into people is fun, until you think about what your doing. But your mind doesn’t let your body stop doing what your doing. Waka Waka.

Railroad Earth. Of course I’m picking them, of course of course.

Keller and the Keels. Just great. My second time seeing them, and they really impress me again. Legalize It > Soul Shakedown was just unbelieveable, and a Dupree’s Diamond Blues… Yes.

Favorite moments.

Wes Mantooth. The Legend of Wakarusa. It is amazing what people will come up with when you put them in the hot Kansas sun for four days and marijuana smoke is constantly flowing through their brain. We turned the vegan dog into a bologna loving fool. And don’t forget about Mick Toothless, the wook who is the current carer for Wes Mantooth.

Russia and Chechnya. A bunch of pot-heads who can’t put up a canopy correctly, and have to fix it every five minutes. It added entertainment if nothing else.

The beach/lake. Oh wow how much that was needed. Plus our Terrapin and Shamu floats, perfect!

Holding hands with Thom AGAIN. Its heavenly I tell ya!

Marianne attempting to tell a story about lucky charms, or someone in a tree, or something… But not being able to get through it without laughing hysterically. It trully was something that made me smile.

Vern’s son saying, “No, I don’t buy weed. I’m a mooch and I’m just gonna smoke all of yours.” Great.

Wook #18 barging into Chechnya.

Least favorite moments.

Paranoia caused from about 1,000 cops/sherrifs/park officials ALL over the park. Shakedown Street getting busted constantly. Night-vision binoculars, people being tackled in the main concert area, road blocks set up all over the surrounding area.

The crazy bitch I had to drive down. Driving into the place, she was on my trunk… And I guess I sped up to quick, because the next thing I know she is in the middle of the road curled up in a ball… Waiit… Maybe this one should go in my favorite moments section… Just kidding… Not really though.

Ohhh… I can’t even think right now… I am sure there is more to come though. I need some sleep after this 13 hour drive though.

Oh… and whos got my headie deet?

captured it well, will…excellent post!

and i’m pissed i missed this tent bashing by wook #18

night vision goggles…how fuckin weird and creepy and wrong and frightening and come on you pig bastards…get a grip!

who the hell was that girl, will? i know she was whats his names friends girlfriend (<—buelleresque eh?) but howd she get in yer car? does she live by you or something? cuz she fucking sucked. 4reelz.

and i cant believe i left the hand holding off the list…god that was great…cant wait to do it again.

so yeah…who’s got my deet, yo? i dont want that piddly shit either…98.1% or higher. k?

My question is…did you leave “the girl” in Kansas!!! If not, you should have.

Wook#18…forgot all about that incident. I don’t know if he scared me more than the cops he brought with him!

and I am out of deet. Two cans…gone. What a buzz it gives you.

Bring on the pictures, Neil & Marianne!!!

awesome stuff everyone, keep it comin

lookin forward to some photographia

where can i get some of this deet to take to roo???

for sure, sounds like a GREAT time was had by all…i love the most random and weird occurrences from festie weekends, those that make you laugh til you cry anytime you think of it.

get some PICS up!!!

and are you serious!!! cops had night-vision goggles?? paranoia at it’s worst!!! and they were busting people inside the site? doesn’t sound like it was as chill as it was last year…perhaps cuz the numbers have grown? what was the attendance at Waka, anyone? 15-20k?

I personally expected the onslaught of cops and park rangers and was NOT surprised by it!
It is a National Park, after all. It’s their domain. They never bothered us and we were a few hundred feet from Shakedown. I walked around drunk and stoned with no worries…they were targeting bigger fish…namely the unauthorized vendors, dealers, glass merchants, and the WASTOIDS. I was debonair and elegantly wasted as were all of our crew and we weren’t a target.

God I wish I was going to 10KLF…

Night Vision binoculars!@#*??!!!??

WTF? Seriously. That is the most unbelievable thing I’ve heard.
I read it was crazy down there, but that is ridiculous.
That and the fact the FBI was there.
Good Grief.

Glad you all had fun though, and that your all safe.

How were the Lips? Neck says they were o.k. but “expected more somehow though…sorry” & Vern says “they were a religious experience”.

What did they play? I need my Lips fix damit!
Why did or didn’t you like their set?

edit* " I was debonair and elegantly wasted"

Classic! ;D ;D

I totally left that girl, Kayleigh, or the “Bitchy Hose-beast Monster” in Kansas.

After Bela Fleck (for me), and STS9 (for everyone else), myself, Glenn, Marianne, JT, and Mark hit the road for a hotel. Wakarusa was SO damn sketchy on that last night. The spot where I took down my tent earlier in the day became a big nitrous party with about 30 people sitting in the grass by us. Awesome, right?

Hahahaha… I totally dropped that girl off the back of my trunk driving in to Waka. I heard a thump… and JT was yelling at me to stop. So I look in my mirror, and she is huddled in a ball in the middle of the main intersection. I feel like a bastard… But I laughed a bit.

I don’t know how I survived all weekend without hurting her (more).

Late-night Thursday after Helen guides two of the East-Side Wooks back to camp (thank you again! I would have never found it!), all I hear is, “WIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Wheres your car keys??? I need to get my drugggggggggggggggggggggs!”

I love strung-out junkies.

But yes… She is definitely still in Kansas for all I know.

I never knew her before this weekend. She lives in PA, and is a girlfriend of a friend from years ago.

The best part was… I saw her in the back of a pick up truck driving down to STS9… I knew it was here because I could hear her yell out, “Where’s the STS9 stage brahhhhhhhh?” Then she stood up and almost fell out of the back.

I honestly had to sit down almost I was laughing so hard. If she fell out again… I would have pissed my pants.

All hail Wes Mantooth.

I will have lots of great pics up after work tonight. Too much shit to do here in the office.

I had fun everyone…I can’t wook it up like the rest of yas, that’s why I had to leave to get a hotel room on Sunday night!

But I’m glad to hear everyone made it home!!!

:sunglasses: :smiley:

You left the bitch in KANSAS!!!

Fvcking classic. She’s probably still in the woods behind our camp, praying at the sacred Altar of WesManTooth…