since nobody has the balls to comment here…

even though this is the Phish song that Dave Matthews fans play to the sorrority sisters when they’re trying to get laid…

i for one love this song. it’s one of those songs that i was really in to when i first got into Phish but totally overlook ever since…

and then, i hear it when i least expect it and its really nice and i remember how awesome it is.

kind of like Tom Petty.

…which just came onto my itunes and made me smile. :smiley:

I like this song… Its alright…

Standing alone as an encore = Worst encore ever however.

^yea, kinda like a wading encore by itself, great song, not a great individual encore song, not enough energy

but I’ll see it through…

It is a beautiful song. Fun song to play, too.

I’ve loved this song ever since I first heard it on Billy Breathes. It reminds me a lot of my first girlfriend.

I had a really beautiful experience listening to WASTE recently.

I was leaving Wakarusa on Monday morning. Will, Icculus, Ghost2K, and Maryanne had already left late the night before. Neck, Pat, & Helen were asleep so I didn’t wake them to say goodbye. It was cloudy and about to rain, 8 am., I was hungry, tired, and smelly from the weeek-end. I basically packed up camp alone while my Son slept in the car. We drove out of camp and through the 2 miles of Park to leave Wakarusa. I had set 2 of THIRD BALL playing and when we started out, WASTE was the first song (first time they ever played it live, too). My son was asleep as we drove down Shakedown and through the ground. The lyrics fit the scene perfectly it seemed to me. I had “wasted” an entire weekend with OhKeePa friends, strangers with the same ideals and interests as me, and thousands of freeks, and it was a really beautiful experience. I drove slowly as I saw the deconstruction of vendors, wandering folks, stoned kids, and the whole Waka experience winding down. It fit the scene so well…

I smiled as I listened to the song and felt the power of it move me, in relation to my weekend.The song was perfect for that situation.

Your avatar is awesome. It makes me think it must be you in the picture. God, I hope it is. If it’s not, would you please work toward looking just like that? Who is that guy?*

Waste is such a sentimental tune that it’s bound to be great once you can attach a good meaning to it. I’ve never really dug the song, as I’ve never had occasion to really feel, you know, naturally sentimental about it.

But I love that > when a song just gains meaning, so, good for you man. Recently I had an experience like that w/The Mango Song. Not related to the lyrics thankfully! The vamp at the end with Trey and Page swapping rhythm patterns has just attained new meaning and purpose in my life. That’s such a great feeling, having a song become more important.

*edit: just to clarify, i just think it’s a cool-lookin’ picture of a dude with a good beard goin on who is happy. thumbs-up for that. i got into zz top recently, actually got REALLY into them, and so long beard = good because of that i think, as stupid as i might sound for it. :smiley: so yeah, no offense. cool avatar, smilin beard guy.

This has more or less become a signature ballad of Trey’s to me. The few times he plays it solo are great.

6.14.97 Dublin, Ireland. they play Waste and they jam it. it is a jammed Waste. did you hear me? a JAMMED Waste.

8/13/96 is one of my favorites. i was just married last friday, and used this Waste from this show as our first dance…it was awesome…got a lot of compliments on the selection

^CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great freakin choice of songs as far as I’m concerned. The one from 8/9/98 is a favorite of mine.

Speaking of weddings, I had the DJ at our daughter’s wedding play Julius for my wife and I to swing dance to. He turned out to be a big Phish fan and was thrilled to have that as the one and only Phish request he ever received. Sat with Freddy at Continental Arena for the 2/24/03 show with BB King. Great night, soft show.

By no means a song in which they usually go nuts with, but it’s still beautiful.

I was really high a few nights ago and was listening to billy breaths and staring off into space, when this song came on I cried, it was weird no song’s ever done that. Love the song.

I think this song is sounding great live in 09. It was probably my personal highlight of jones beach 2nd night (along with meatstick and…well… the whole 1st set was pretty sick too… but the end climax at the end of waste is just so powerful. I fucking love it.period.