Way to see "today's" or "newest" posts?

On a lot of boards I visit, there is a button or a link to show all of the newest posts since your last visit.

Possible to do this here?

I made a bookmark of a search. In fact, I posted the link here so that I’d have it if my bookmarks ever mean it when they say they’re leaving me.

Here’s the thread I made,

& Here’s the link I made to put in that thread.

Awesome. Thank you!

Towards the bottom of the main page:

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^Thanks Will. I actually never saw that there. I’m gonna stick with hosemasterflex’s link, cause I like seeing it all listed as threads and not by post. I’ve updated my bookmarks with that link and it is very nice!

Thanks for the quick replies.

:sunglasses: Yet another happy customer at the OKP.

very nice, i’ve wondered about this too. thanks guys!