well im really high everybody and id like to tell

you guys about a theory i came up with in the shower after smoking…
its called everyday magic and its simple thi ngs like

condensation on a cup i mean think if u where a little moledule audience member and u saw water pass through a cup thad be fucking magic


best post ever.


that was so incredibly hard to understand, but so incredibly easy to laugh at

Stereotypical Phan.

whats your intent on the comment man

i love you timmy. hahaha

Excellent. This has made my night. Good thing I just had a Kaos bong of the Dayton kynd, whatever the fuck that is.

Dude. That’s some heady shit. write it down NOW and read it back to yourself when you aren’t baked. See what happens…

good idea.

My friends and I used to write EVERYTHING down in our stoned conversations. We’d read them the next morning and laugh our asses off. On some occassions we’d even use a tape recorder!!

Makes sense to me man! Kudos.

water doesnt pass through the cup…

what were you incredibly high on? you are teh crazy

Timmy Skells I don’t know you. But by reading that thread i don’t think you were smoking weed! I want what you got


Priceless, me and my friend made a little diary once haha :slight_smile:

best…idea…ever. starting halloween night i will have stoned diary.

i just watched the curb your enthusiasm where larry gets high with his dad and the prostitute. god damn this show is so funny. his stoned conversation with himself in the bathroom:

“You got your Father in Law’s birthday coming up you gonna get him a card? you’re not gonna do a fucking thing!”

“TV TV TV. Read a fucking book!”

maybe he was making a sly reference to Phish: “Read the fucking book!”

I doubt it…but being stoned/tripping and thinking really hardcore stuff is fun. And then sometimes when you wake up the next day, it sticks with you and still makes sense. SOMETIMES.

I know, it was tongue-in-cheek, but still…haha!

I recently got into that show and it is hilarious.