What ELSE are you listening to now?

Notice it is in the Non-Phish discussion…

I have on The Deepest End by Gov’t Mule.

Listening to how good Gordo and Warren play off each other on “Banks of the Deep End”

I’m listening to STRING CHEESE INCIDENT’S new album today. Looks like they’re moving ahead!

Now I have on SCI’s SPRING TRAVELOGUE mix from the Spring tour. Great stuff!

Last night I listened to both discs of the white album (aka The Beatles) and tonight I think I’ll pop in Sgt, Pepper’s. “Lovely Rita” is one of my favorite songs by anyone! I think I’ll also play Queen’s Classic Queen.

The Spin Doctors second album, Turn it Upside Down. I can’t decide whether the Spin Doctors or Blind Melon is the most under-appreciated band of the nineties, but this album is SOLID.

  1. I love the spin Doctors…i think that was the first tape i ever got
  2. (willbreathes) i was listening to that album, seriously, a half hour ago…wierd
  3. (ghost420) I listened to the white album last night too…crazy

i think in some way we all think similarly and somtimes eerily alike…is phish to blame for this happy coincidence??

Yeah…this is fvcking wierd.

I, TOO, listened to side 1 & 3 of THE WHITE ALBUM last night. On vinyl piped through the exterior speakers, while sitting on the porch, drinkin’ a lager. Then I went inside and watched BITTERSWEET MOTEL because of a thread I saw on here yesterday and because I haven’t watched it in ages…

I think we all are become one community mind!

Yes, I think it is safe to say Phish has brought us together in an odd, cosmic, psychic sort of way!!!

Disc 1 of The White Album (of a 2-disc CD set) is among the finest, all-around CDs I own…including Phish. I’d put it in my top 10.

Vernixx - I think I’ll pour a glass of Calvert’s (don’t ask) and watch Bittersweet Motel tonight!!

vernixx…i listened in vinyl as well. craziness, pure craziness

latley i’ve been listening to…

The Kinks
The Shins
The Pixies
Ani Difranco
Ryan Adams

^Ani’s the shiznit!

Yeah the Kinks are good shit…very overlooked and underrated band…I mean their later '70s stuff can be hard to get into, but it’s worth that venture if you like everything up until Preservation Act 2.

I second that! She is the best female singer-songwriter we have seen in a long while I think. The only time I saw her perform was at the Roo 04, very crowded show as I remember. I guess I am late getting on the Ani-bandwagon.

Birds of a feather… ;D

And for the record, my favourite KINKS record is THE VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY!

MUSWELL HILLBILLIES is a pretty decent record, too.

Tonight’s vinyl selection is KINK KONTROVERSY in honor of this thread.

i’ve been listening to a fair amount of string cheese and umphrey’s, with the occasional pink floyd and/or guns and roses, as well as a little new monsoon. anyone from chicago heard of a band called piglet? they’re really talented, they’re an all-instrumental prog(ish?) band. i’ve been listening to what i have (2 songs hah) of them as well

i go back and forth between arthur and lola as my favorite kinks albums. unfortunatly i don’t have any kinks on vinyl yet. still have yet to see them sitting in any of the dollar bins around town. i might have to bite the bullet and throw down some loot for one today though.

and as for ani, i’ve seen her a couple times and will be seeing her on tuesday. she’s great, and i love her style of guitar playing.

Right now? Zappa “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 3.” the '84 band, tight, really tight. The only band that could actually pull of Drowning Witch, in Zappa’s opinion.

Hi ho Silver Away!

Grateful Dead 10-11-77 Set Two

Dancing > Dire Wolf, Prophet > Eyes > NFA > Wharf Rat > Around and Around.

Definitely one of my favorite late 70s shows. The jam between Estimated Prophet and Eyes of the World is something like I have never heard the Dead play. I would honestly say if you turned on that point you could mistake it for Phish. The only (one of a few?) time I would mistake those two bands.

listened to Classic Queen yesterday…
Black Sabbath
Journey (yes, I know…)
Stevie Ray

SRV! can’t go wrong with that man.