What I got


Beatles----------1969-01-xx - Get Back and other Let It Be Outtakes
-----------------1969-01-xx - Winter of Discontent

Benevento/Russo Duo
------------------2005-12-31 - Featuring Mike Gordon

Blues Brothers----1978-12-31 - Closing of Winterland

Eric Clapton------1988-11-02

Grateful Dead-----1972-04-17

Jack Johnson-----2005-07-30 - Austin City Limits

Jimi Hendrix-------1970-07-04

Led Zeppelin------Reunion Collection

Medeski, Martin & Wood


Nick Drake--------BBC Documentary

------------------1996-08-17 - Clifford Ball
------------------Clifford Ball MTV Documentry
------------------1997-08-17 - Great Went
------------------1998-10-03 - Farm Aid
------------------1999-12-31 - Project Midnight to Sunrise
------------------2000-07-11 - Moby Dick!
------------------2003-08-02 - IT Tower Jam
------------------20th Anniversary Montage

Pink Floyd--------1970-04-29

Serial Pod--------2005-12-17

The Illtet---------2000-02-06 - Featuring Jon Fishman

The Who---------1982-10-20

More info at: http://www.phishhook.com/lists/InfamousMBird?listid=0

How’s the GD?? I’m more then likely intrested.

Grateful Dead
Tivolis Koncertsal

Video Lineage: French TV Broadcast>?>DVD

DVD: NTSC MPEG-2, 720x480, 29.97fps 9586kbps

Audio Lineage: SBD>??>French TV Broadcast>C>DAT>CDR>EAC(secure)>Cool Edit>CDWav>
mkwact(shnid=9390), Stereo 48Khz DOLBY AC3 256kbps for dvd.

Me And Bobby McGee
Chinatown Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Jack Straw
He’s Gone (*)
Next Time You See Me
One More Saturday Night
It Hurts Me Too
Ramble On Rose
El Paso
Big Railroad Blues**

*First time played **With costumes

As you can see, great video, great audio. And it’s Europe '72 taboot!

That looks awesome…I’d like to get a copy of that. Wanna trade?

Updated 4-10-06 - Big Cypress finished downloading

How did it turn out??

yea I didn’t do it, I didn’t have enough space, so I am curious to find out also. howd it go fluffy?

It’s damn good! Haven’t watched all of it yet, but what I’ve seen is (mostly) top quality! There are some parts where it’s really shaky, but overall…wow

Sweet! I’m looking at ways to obtain this so…any help would be appreciated…Trade, Vine, etc.

I think UB40 was going to start a vine… if he hasn’t by the 25th, I’ll start one.

^I just installed my DL burner last night. I still have to buy discs then I’ll post the vine.


lovin’… is what i got… i said remember that… lovin’… is what i got.

never again.

no sublime for g2k?

So weird… i was just gonna come in this thread today and say that…

Get the fuck out of my thread!!! This is for discussion about the dvds I have! Not for your random idiocy!!!

j/k, I love you guys.

But, seriously GO AWAY!

i was sooo think of that 2 yesterday…wow thats weird. sry fluff! we’r outa here!

Updated - May 23, 2006

Updated - June 5(or is it 6?), 2006

How is the quality of the actual Clifford Ball show? That’d be awesome to see!