What show are you listening to right now?

I’m at the end of the first set from 12/2/97 in Philly… first time I’ve heard it, and it rocks. I like the Buried Alive opener, I like the Ghost > Divided, I like the Taste, and I really like it that I can actually hear Page clearly no matter what Trey is doing.

And by the way, this discussion board kicks ass.

I am listening to second set of 7/12/00. Extended grooves, capped off by an acknowledgment of 7,000 fans “on the other side of that fence.”

at work and thoroughly enjoying 12-29-97 msg. first set is extra sweet with a nice theme, an on fire crossroads and a fluff->antelope to close. all played spectacularly. 2nd set opening of dwd->bowie->possum really doesnt get much better, especially with the can’t turn you loose jam in possum. a great show

First time hearing the majority of 11/23/97 (thanks to MomaDance.com). Right in the middle of the massive Bathtub Gin. Ohhh man!
But for the official Live Phish CD series, I’ve been listening to 17 a lot lately. It doesn’t have any crazy type II jams, but I just like the feel of the entire show. Very mellow, laid back, and lightly spacey.

7/31/97 Good all around show, with a nice
Runaway Jim -> When the Circus Comes, also a nice opener of
Ghost->Ya Mar.

at work streaming 7/20/98 @ Ventura county fairgrounds off of nugs.net. Solid second set of drowned, makisupa, maze, sea and sand, caspian, hood

7/20/1998. Lawn Boy. Mike Gordon. Great great great.

7-19-91 Set Two
Giant Country Horns… need I say more?

that Philly show last night was so good that I decided I’d listen to all my december 97 shows in order. I’m on the second set of 12/9, State College, PA, in the midst of an outrageous 30 minute Simple. Seriously spacey shit.

Just from the 4 or 5 shows I have either whole or partial pieces of, I think that fall/winter 97 is the best era of Phish ever. And if you count the Island Tour as part of this era (which some people do) then I think I’m even more sold. I’m just not a fan of pre-94 Phish. I own Live Phish 7 (8/14/93) and it’s just never done anything for me. The second set is good and all, but those “mad segue” sets always feel like an easy way out. Of course I love the Tweezerfest, but they begin it with a 25 minute Tweezer before jumping head first into IT.

11/19/92 St Mikes College. I have never listened to this show. It is pretty cool so far at this show there were alot of firsts i.e. Lengthwise, Axilla, and Fast Enough. what a fantastic maze. And the rarity that is fee. Oh man.

10/30/98…aka disc 4 of live phish 16. this is DEFINATELY one of my favorite live phish releases. i love the velvet underground covers, and there are some SICK jams…such as wolfman’s>piper and the mike’s groove with the frankie says is pretty sweet as well.
haha, also, antelope is amazing.

I’m at the point where I just go to free music site and just pick tons of phish all different years and put them on one disc and …SUPRISE!!

mike’s song 2/20/93 :o :o :o. Can you say seven teases!!!

8-7-98, walnut Creek NC. water in the sky>Drowned opener, bittersweet motel, ghost, colonel forbin…could you ask for anything more?

^that was a good show but the second was letdown after a smokin end to the first

water drowned and the ghost>forbird made that show

and in the same vein im listening to winston-salem 11-19-98

smokin ghost and an absolutely killer 2nd set with a yem encore!

Today, I’m jammin’ some Philly 6-25-95. Excellent soundboard action.
Sparkle…Divided Sky…I Didin’t Know…Split Open…what a way to end the first set. Philly shows always seem to be GREAT!

Today I was searching through a few CD spindles I have not checked lately, mainly because the CD on top did not appeal to me too much. Anyways, in my one spindle was all of my '94 shows I thought I had lost through borrowing/moving/stealing/whatever. Let me tell you, I am in heaven.

Today at work I was playing the Red Rocks second set from 6-11-94. My co-workers were loving it (them being much older/never heard Phish before). I have a nice SBD copy of the show, thanks goes out to whoever traded it to me. 1994, Red Rocks, how have I been without these discs for soooo long?!?

Set Two: Also Sprach Zarathustra-> Run Like an Antelope, Fluffhead, Scent of a Mule, Split Open and Melt, The Squirming Coil, Maze, Contact-> Frankenstein (first Frankenstein in 3 years)

Encore: Suzy Greenberg

every song in that second set is money

1993-1994 Phish Red Rocks shows are golden!