I love this song. Anyone have a recording they could post of when the band sang the intro?

I have to say, I dislike it when the band sings the intro. It always seems to be like 3 minutes too long of duh duh, duh duh, etc… until they finally get to the willson part.

The original thesis has the band singing the intro: http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/jamz/SBDs/trey-gamehendge.shnf/

Wilson>Peaches just makes me happy.

^^ there is a Wilson>Peaches version from the 80’s where trey sings the opening drum notes of peaches instead of the Blop boom a bibby boom bibby boom. very cool. maybe they did it more than once?

^^^^every one I’v heard…bubadeebububbubububbubedebubu bubu

My favorite part of Wilson is the Trey/Mike combo of…
Trey: When we had that meeting, over down near game.
Mike: HENGE!!!

i love how the henge is like a whisper/scream

If you like this part, take a listen to the show opening Wilson from 11/29/03. Not only is it a strong version of the song, when Mike delivers the “Hendge”, he says it so raspily and loudly, that it cracks Trey up to the point where he misses the next couple of words in the song.

They had so much fun during that first set and the music showed it. Gad, why aren’t these guys playing together?

So do you guys like the short versions with little jamming, or the “heavy metal” versions with a long rock solo by trey. I actually prefer teh latter, just because the song is over too fast when the jam isn’t there. The rock solo helps build up to the “so you got me back thinking, that you’re the worst one…” part. I really enjoy teh 7.19.03 wilson. It was my second show ever, it was the first wilson of the tour, and it had the rock solo (with one particular riff by trey I always love). Even though trey messed up the lyrics, it was still great. And it was placed nicely after a great REBA.
My favorite wilson ever is the hampton 98 version, which leads into my favorite BBFCFM!!! Those 10 minutes are soooooooo fun.

7/10/99 is an overlooked and great version, IMO. That first set is just golden.

All Wilsons are great! Classic classic classic song, like 12/30/94.

I’m so glad Wilson was on A Live One because it’s one of those quintessential Phish songs. Never dropped from rotation that I can remember…


i prefer tha band singing th intro on this…

also…i never really thought about this but didnt trey say that the band would never put any of the gamehendge songs on an album and make money off of them?

You know I think I heard that somewhere, too, but I think it was in reference to a full ‘Gamehendge’ album.

Wilson’s one of those songs that I think I prefer the earlier versions of. It seems to be like a great stadium rock type song, but that’s what makes it seem more appealing to me in a small club/bar setting. I can’t imagine what people must have thought of Wilson when they first started playing it. It is such an important part of the phish canon, and one of the songs not totally butchered at Coventry. I don’t know if they ever really played a bad Wilson. Did they?

This is also one of my girlfriends favorite phish songs.

Funny, when I see them playing it in the small European club in Bittersweet Motel I thought it was funny of them to play such a big arena style song in such a small venue, not even realizing that they used to play it in small venues all the time.

Holy crap I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned 3.13.93 in this thread.

A nearly 8 minute version from '93!!

They tease “Hydrogen” heavily in the last section before BLAT BOOM, and then nail the ending. They’re also teasing something else in the beginning and middle of the song, but I can’t figure it out.

This is the perfect placement for Wilson, right before an Antelope set 1 closer. Awesome.