WinAmp Quesiton

i down loaded Winamp to play my flac and Shn files. i also downloaded the SHN plug for this. I can play flac no problem, but it doesnt want to play SHN. ANy idea? ???

Did you put the shnamp file, or whatever it is called… into the appropriate folder?

Also, may I suggest using foobar2000 for your media player? Less memory used… winamp and WMP are hogs.

no i will have to take another look at it. not sure what i did. does the fobar2000 need any plug inns?

Umm… I honestly can’t remember, it has been so long since I made the switch.

If it does, it would only need one for SHN.

cool thanks man, i will get rid of winamp when i get home.

I’ll make it easy on ya, and everyone else interested.

foobar2000 download link:

shn plugin

Or if you want to stick with winamp you need shnamp 2.04(, it’s half-way down the page as an attachment on a post from wstielau.