Winner = Camden Sand


Or don’t.

Thanks Will!

I guess I should probably listen to this Sand. I was looking through my folders yesterday and it appears that this is the only summer show I don’t have, so I will be getting on top of that tonight.

And there ya go!

Thanks Will! :clap:

This is one time that the thing I chose on here actually won.

Belushi & Antelope got screwed.

Now, don’t discuss that I actually put this thing on and my choice won. :wtf:

Yeah…Belushi was definitely robbed.

somethings wrong with the thread title, mine says “Winner = Camden Sand” :eh:


::votes for Deer Creek Connection::

I agree with Antelope and Belushi.

These votes are a fucking hoot, though!

Thanks, bub.

You had to be there, Greg. Zing!!!

McGrupp and Garrett Morris!


Hells yea Camden!

That Sand is truly a beauty. Very nice!

the first show i got to see since they came back was asheville. on the way there i listened to camden. that sand was the perfect soundtrack for driving through the mountains on the way to my first show back. :slight_smile:

pure fucking gold right there.

thank again Will.

but no thanks to everybody who didn’t vote Gorge R&R as winner :wave:



Can i still vote for hampton Fluffhead? :open_mouth:

J/k. Well done Will, thanks for the entertainment! :clap:

This show was awesome for me. It was my turn to be DD, so i had only smoked a little and curbed most of the drinking. I was in a pretty much sober state, and this show was just fucking rocking! I was very happy and pleased witht he outcome when i left.

Not saying that intoxication is needed to enjoy a show, but, I tend to think the spacey jam shows tend to offer a bit more when you are not exactly of a sane mind and body.

And, hanging out iwth other who have imbibbed, well…a great rock and roll show is much more welcome. :wink:

FLUFFHEAD!!! :smiley:

Deer Creek Fluffhead could have taken it all.